Community Chat Terms and Conditions


1. To participate in the PCA Community Chat the PCA requests members to be a fully-fledged PCA member.


2. The PCA Community Chat is a group where people can share knowledge and ideas in an open and safe forum.


3. Use the contact form on the PCA website to direct all enquiries.


4. For business or vendor questions please direct them to the specific vendor only.


5. If a business wants to advertise goods and services on the PCA Community Chat, please consult the PCA via email or through the enquiries form off the website.


6. No indecent photos or spam info to be placed on the PCA Community Chat.


7. Please keep conversations respectful and relevant to the Caribbean Community.


8. If in doubt about any enquiries please refer to the PCA Executive.


9. Please read comments fully, have an open-mind and respond sensitively and accordingly.


10. Infringements with the PCA Community Chat Terms and Conditions will result with removal off the forum. Repeat offenders will be removed.