About Us

The PCA was founded in February 2014 and officially incorporated in May 2014 as a not for profit organisation.


A snapshot of our mission statement gives you an insight into the spirit of the organisation and a sense of our aspirations and goals.


Mission Statement: The Perth Caribbean Association is an organization devoted to the preservation and promotion of the Caribbean’s mental, social and business culture.


The organization’s mission includes:


1. educating our members and the public concerning Caribbean culture and history


2. promoting unity in the community and furthering friendly dialogue among Caribbean peoples and all interested in Caribbean culture, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, or national origin.


Led by its President, Dave Medley the Perth Caribbean Association managed to raise funds from 12 founding members whose input helped lead not only to the incorporation of the PCA but also to the realisation of several events in 2014/15 including


Family Picnic Days


Caribbean Film Night


Cricket World Cup West Indies Reception


Following the PCA’s Second AGM we are pleased to welcome Nadene Lewis as the newly elected President for 2016/17. We’d also like to thank the outgoing President Elton Chisholm, Robert Elliot and founder Dave Medley for their incredible efforts in the creation of the PCA and setting us on the path which has led to an expanded committee and lots of enthusiasm amongst the community members.