Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCA?

We are the Perth Caribbean Association. An association representing the interests and wellbeing of persons from and associated with the Caribbean islands. We seek to provide assistance and events for our members and to promote the interests of the Caribbean to residents and visitors of Western Australia.


Why do we need the PCA?

The Community felt that we needed an organisation that provided official representation of the entire Caribbean community in Western Australia. Furthermore, it can provide an official point of contact for international visitors and can be used to forge relations with local and international businesses, bodies, communities and institutions.


What are the aims of the PCA?

To provide for the social, cultural, mental, physical, educational and recreational growth of its members, through the provision of facilities, amenities and leadership. We feel these items are essential to the development of friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.


Do you have to be from the Caribbean to be involved?

We welcome membership for all individuals and couples including those who may not have origins from the Caribbean. We embrace the international, local and indigenous communities of Australia equally. The critical consideration is that you have a vested interest in helping the PCA in its pursuits.


Why should I get involved?

The PCA has been formed due to demand from prospective members like you. The opportunity to define how the Caribbean community is received, represented and embraced here in WA is important for all of us and in particular our children. It is also an opportunity to leave a legacy for our children and to better create an environment that appeals to your needs as well as those of the wider community.


How can I help?

There are numerous ways to get involved. This includes ideas from which the whole community can benefit to volunteering your skills through to joining the committee.


Membership is crucial to the sustainability of the PCA. Your membership underpins what we are doing so we hope you’ll be able to support us during this exciting time.


Who should I contact if I have more questions about the PCA or its constitution?


Nadene Lewis  –, Ph: 0416 289 850

Guy Garconnette –